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Welcome to Nathan’s Cry!

Are you caught in a web of lust, fantasy, or increasing pornography usage? Are you living with secrets that threaten to unravel your life? Are you uncertain how to move forward after being exposed? Then you’ve come to the right place! You are not alone. And there is hope! You can build sexual sobriety and become a man of integrity. And believe me, it is SO worth it!

I’ve counseled for twenty five years but now have my own journey of healing and recovery to bring authenticity and power to my ministry. I counsel men and marriages, speak at churches, conferences and men’s retreats. And I create resources to help men and marriages heal from sexual betrayal and thrive. Get started by getting my 3 Keys to a Successful Transformation today!


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I provide counseling from a compassionate and Biblical perspective for men who have sexual brokenness. I’ve been there. I’ve found hope and healing. You can too!

Skype Counseling

In addition to my onsite counseling services, I am also available to those living outside of central Ohio by providing interactive counseling via Skype.


I love to tell the story of God’ grace and restoration from my sin, secrets and failure.

Mark and Kathy McCarthyOur Journey

I worked as a Christian counselor for 25 years and was married for 28 years, before sexual addiction ended our marriage and blew up my career. For three years I worked hard on recovery and God has brought transformation and has enabled beautiful restoration with my wife and adult children.

Kathy and I are remarried and have a deeper, more honest relationship than ever before. Our children have worked through a process of forgiveness and we too are restored. My counseling license has been re-instated and now I am counseling again. Kathy is a biblical counselor and spiritual director and loves helping women who have been wounded by sexual betrayal. Together, we do couples counseling, and love to see God heal many broken hearts!

Read more about Mark’s Story here.

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